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Whether the person was considered property - Apex

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im not sure this is right
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the type of work

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Q: Ask us factor differentiated chattel slavery from indentured servitude A. The type of work the person did for his or her master B. The amount of land owned by the person's master C. Whether the pe?
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What was a long-term consequence of Sir Edwin Sandys' system of indentured servitude?

Chattel slavery

What was a long term consequence of Sir Edwin Sandys system of indentured servitude?

chattel slavery

What was a long term consequences of sir-Edwin sandys system of indentured servitude?

chattel slavery

What kinds of slavery are there?

chattel and servitude

The two main kinds of slavery were?

indentured and chattel .|.

The two main kinds of slavery were .?

indentured and chattel .|.

How did the institution of slavery evolve from a system similar to indentured servitude to a system in which slaves were viewed as chattel how did the slave culture reflect their experience?

Indentured servitude was for the workers who volunteered to work for others as a way to pay for passage to the New World. People who wanted to make money, saw a need for slavery, and started stealing people from Africa to work the big plantations.?æ

What was the difference between slaves and indentured servants in the 1700 colonial society?

Indentured Servants had a specific end date written into their contracts, so that when the contract expired, they will have worked off their debt to their employer. A Slave is the Chattel (movable property) of the owner and belongs to the master for life.

What is chattel slaves?

Chattel slave is known as slave traditional slave. This is where slaves are treated as chattel.

How did indentured servants become chattel slaves?

They were not the same. Indentured servants were to serve 7 years, but often they left before they finished their time. They could blend in so it made it hard to find them, but any person who was black was a slave and needed a pass to leave the plantation. Indentured servants were paid and free after 7 years. Slaves were never paid and were considered property.

What is a Chattel?

A chattel is any tangible, movable property, or a slave.

A sentence with chattel?

My herd of cattle is my best-loved chattel.

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