As ------------- as a statue

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: As ------------- as a statue
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What is the difference between an equestrian statue and a horse statue?

There is only one huge difference between an equestrian statue and a horse statue. An equestrian statue is a statue of a rider on the back of a horse, while a horse statue is just simply a statue of a horse.

What is a big statue in New York?

WEll, there is the Empire State Building (but that's not really a STATUE) so a big statue in New York would definitely have to be the famous Statue Of Liberty!! lildancer99<33

Is a marble statue?

A marble statue is a statue made of marble :)

How do you spell the word statue?

The word statue is spelled Statue.

Tallest statue in the world?

the heaviest statue in the world is statue of liberty.

What American landmark stands stands on liberty Island?

the Statue of LibertyThe Statue of Liberty.

What stand on liberty island?

The Statue of Libertythe statue of libertyThe statue of Liberty

Was the Statue of Liberty a statue of someone?


What is the statue of Hercules?

a statue of Hercules

Simileys for statue?

he was a solid as a statue

What is the simile for statue?

As still as a statue.

Is a tree a statue?

A tree is kind of like a statue, a statue doesn't move and a tree moves a little but that is not exactly a tree all common movements to a statue. A statue is a man made representation of something. A tree is a living thing, so, a tree is not a statue ,but ,you can have a statue of a tree.