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No. Music is not the only part of being goth.

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Q: Are you goth if you like all the bands a goth likes?
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I like this boy and he sort of likes me but ever since this pretty girl came he forgot all about me how do you get him to like me again oh and also im known as the goth person HELP?

Stop being goth!

How many half human half animals are there?

There are many but they are all known as goth bands

Do girls like goth guys?

(new) yes they do but they do not always date goth girls they do not really have a preference like for example: im a goth girl and i dated a goth guy we broke up and he dated my punk friend that is kinda nerdy and likes anime so goth guys really date whoever they want not just goth girls.I am a goth and i like Emo girls sometimes,Guess a goth would date anyone but casual people and chav people~I'm scene and I'm dating a goth. When he first met me, he said he thought I was emo/punk and didn't find out I was scene until I told him. After he found out, he could care less. Labels generally don't matter to goths. Or at least not the goths I've met.* By the way, he HAS mentioned he thought I should turn goth because "goths are sexy" or something like that. So I'm sure goth guys like goth girls. Or at least some do.I am a goth girl... i dont understand the importance of this question. if he likes you, he likes you. if he doesent, he doesent.Although I agree with her^^^ I still think that's a yes. Goth guys do like goth girls. I mean, their guys. Can't they like who their like?

Where did the Gothic style flourish in the city or countryside?

Well if you're talking about the Goth dress style common in the Goth subculture you can thank two bands for making the style flourish all throughout the UK, those two bands are The Cure and The Banshees. If you're talking about Gothic style architecture, I'm not entirely sure, you could just look it up on Wikipedia. Well if you're talking about the Goth dress style common in the Goth subculture you can thank two bands for making the style flourish all throughout the UK, those two bands are The Cure and The Banshees. If you're talking about Gothic style architecture, I'm not entirely sure, you could just look it up on Wikipedia.

Why do people stereotype about goths?

because not every girl likes flowers and pink and sports ,and not all boys like sports and car's friend is goth because she thinks it looks cool and that its the look for her.if you liked punk,wuold you be punk?

Do goths wear tutus?

probully not. Why? because they like all black and they do not usually like girly girl flurry outfits. But if you are a goth, then of course you can start a new goth fashion!

What kind of music do goth people listen to?

There's no subgenres of goth, like many would have you believe, however certain bands within the goth genre have different tendencies (Killing Joke and Alien Sex Fiend lean Industrial, Fields of the Nephelim and Nosferatu lean hard rock, The Cure and Siouxsie and The Banshees lean pop). Simply put, goth people listen to whatever they want, but primarily goth rock (see the bands mentioned above). Listening to bands outside of the genre doesn't detract from your 'goth cred' so don't be embarrassed to admit you like something other than Bauhaus. Also, just because a goth person is listening to it, doesn't make it goth. Just because a goth kid is listening to Lady Gaga, doesn't make it goth now, does it? For the most part, popular genres other than goth rock popular amongst the subculture are: Post-punk (The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen), New Wave (Duran Duran, Depeche Mode), Psychobilly (Demented Are Go, The Meteors), Deathrock (Christian Death, 45 Grave), and Punk (Sex Pistols, Crass).

You are emo the guy you like is goth he has not a type of girl he likes all as long as the girl is happy with herself hes good how do you make him love you?

you wear black makeup and lots of chains and buy him dead flowers

What are modern goth beliefs?

A modern Goth is a fan of Goth music, which is like Post-Punk except gloomier and somewhat mystical at times. Goth bands include Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Cinema Strange, Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, Corpus Delicti, and The Wake. Instruments commonly used in Goth music include traditional rock instruments, synthesizer, and drum machine, amongst others, depending on the band.However, many people these days don't know what Goth actually is because the media distorted its meaning. The media portrays very un-Goth things as goth, like Tripp pants, Hot Topic, Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Combichrist. NONE of those bands are goth! The reason that they are confused is that they have dark themes, however they fall into categories such as (respectively) Black Metal, Nu-Metal, Shock Rock, and Industrial/EBM. Note: People that wear Tripp pants and listen to these bands are often called Mallgoths by people in the goth community, so called due to their love of Hot Topic.The media has also made people believe that Goths are violent and often satanist. However, Goth is actually overall a peaceful subculture. There are Goths that follow all kinds of different religions (or don't follow any religion). The point is that there is no inherent religious belief of Goth.

What are the best goth metal songs?

That all depends on personal choice as goth metal bands can sound incredibly different due to the nature of the genre. However, I highly suggest you look up/listen to the following bands for some very good goth metal songs (the ones with a * being my personal favorites out of the list):Paradise LostAnathema*Theatre of Tragedy (huge band in the development of 'beauty and beast' vocals in goth metal)Type O Negative (mix of goth and doom)Cradle of Filth (mix of goth and black)Entwine*The 69 Eyes (their later/newer stuff. old stuff is glam/hair metal)Lacuna CoilTiamat*To/Die/ForDeathstars* (a fusion of gothic metal with Euro-Industrial metal)Some of those bands will sound very different to each other like they shouldn't be in the same genre, but the reason they will sound like that is because gothic metal has quite a wide range of vocal styles and therefore melody/music styles as well. What makes a band gothic metal is more to do with the lyrics than how they sound.My favourite goth metal song is Love never dies (by Angelika & Demons)

Do goths like video games?

some video games like if there all bloody and stuff if i were a goth i would like games like resident evil What kind of question is that. I guess I am a bit goth and I LOVE video games!!!!!!

What are all the silly bands?

rubber bands that are shaped like shapes and animals etc.