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You may be pregnant If you have had sexual intercourse without protection. If you have had sexual intercourse, buy a pregnancy test. If you are still a virgin, your menstruation has just delayed.

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2012-07-27 02:39:40
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Q: Are you considered as a pregnant if the menstruation delay 1 month and 2 weeks?
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What does it mean to get your period 10 days early?

It means that menstruation is often erratic, and can vary from month to month. It means that you're fine. And not pregnant. It means that menstruation is often erratic, and can vary from month to month. It means that you're fine. And not pregnant.

What can be taken to delay a period for a month?

becoming pregnant will delay you period for 9 months. Good luck

1 month and 15 days delay menstruation what does it mean?

The most common cause of a missed period is pregnancy.

Does weight loss delay menstruation?

Yes, it does. If you don't get your period next month, you need to go and speak to your doctor

What does it mean when menstruation stops for a month?

it means that either an individual women are pregnant,

Can Women Get Pregnant During Menstruation?

its possible. but its usually less likely. still can happen tho. i heard one day of the month u cant get pregnant.

What is wrong if you haven't had a period for a month?

If you are sexually active, perhaps you are pregnant? Or it is very possible that stress, changes in diet or activity will cause your period to delay by as much as a month or 2.

What is the problem with a girl when she does not have period since one month?

..she is pregnant oh bka nmn nadelay lng ung pagdating ng menstruation nya...

What does light bleeding before menstruation mean?

It could mean you are pregnant, have irregular periods, hormonal imbalance or you have had a light and early period this month for no reason.

Why is a menstruation important for a female?

Menstruation takes place about once a month during a woman's reproductive years. If woman has normal menstrual cycle she can get pregnant. If woman hasn't menstruation she hasn't possibility of conceiving/bearing children.

Is it possible to get pregnant 16 days after menstruation?

Yes, it is definitely in the higher range of days to get pregnant. For a woman to get pregnant, she needs to ovulate (release a mature egg from her ovaries). For most women, ovulation occurs about 14 days after her period. But it can vary from month to month and/or for each woman. So it is possible that 16 days after your period, that you could fall pregnant.

What happens when a girl got a delay menstruation but she has her menstruation last month?

your period could just be late! if you have had intercourse then id wait a couple weeks and test for pregnancy, if nothing shows up pregnant than id say wait another couple weeks and see if your period comes if not id test again and keep doing it til u either one have ur period or two show up pregnant if by 1-2 months nothing still i suggest to go to a doctor!

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