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Iit depends on the woman, but in most cases, yes woman are attracted to Black men.

Women are attracted to Black men if Black men are rich. In general black men are not as rich as Caucasian and Japanese men. Therefore, in general women are less attracted to Black men than to White and Japanese men. However, if a Black man appears rich general correlations will lose importance.

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Q: Are white woman attracted to black men?
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that's not the question the question is who doesn't like curvy woman

Do white women find black men attractive?

White man opinion: Well, I am very much attracted to black women. I can't speak for all white men. It's all about personal preference. I can find myself attracted to any race. In general, I want a woman with confidence and sense of mind. I actually would love to marry a black woman one day.Yes, there are white men who find black women attractive.Of course there are. Why wouldn't there be? Not all white men share the same preference in women.

If a black woman is not attracted to black men should she just stop dating altogether?

NO! There is no reason that this woman should try to date whomever she is attracted to.

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A fear of rejection, and not being accepted their friends and family.

Are black women attracted to white men?

YES I am a white man and I think they r beautiful.

Are black women more attracted to white men than black men?

it doesn't matter. they are both what i prefer. ADD: I know plenty of black women who are more attracted to white men...I also know plenty of white men who find black women more attractive than white women. It's all a matter of personal taste. And from what I women taste really good.

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Black men like all white woman

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i am attracted to latina's im a black men by the way.

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maybe because the men ask them out.

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There is a lot of black men out there who like and or love white women my dad is white and he likes my mom who is black uncle is black my aunt is white so there is a lot of men out there so don't lose hope

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Some are, some aren't. It's different for every woman and who they are attracted to.