Are white guys or black guys hotteR?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It really depends alot of black guys i have seen are really muscular but mainly bald

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Q: Are white guys or black guys hotteR?
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Are black guys hotter than white guys?

There is no answer to this question really other than whatever your personal choice is. Everyone is different, some like black, some like white and then there are others that like something else completely. Your choice, you make it !

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Technically Blue stars are hotter but from your options, white stars are hotter.

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The black cup gets hotter. White reflects solar energy, black absorbs it.

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Black, It goes With everything.

How gets married more white girls black guys black girls white guys?

White girls

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white reflects light and black absorbs it white-cooler black-hotter

Who has a bigger head black or white guys?

I say, white guys....LOL!

Do Black guys like White womens feet?

Yes, Black guys like White womens feet.

Why do white girls go with black guys?

Because Black guys are attractive.

Why are black guys bigger then white guys?

They aren't

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Black asphalt becomes hotter than a white cement sidewalk by one thing. The reason it gets hotter is because black attracts heat.

How many black guys date white girls?

80 % of the black guys have dated white girls publicly or secretly.