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Q: Are there vitamins that will flush THC out of your system?
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What is the easiest way to flush your system of THC?

No to smoke

Does slo-niacin get THC out of system?

Yes it can help flush you or at least hide the THC

What can help flush THC out of your system?

Nothing. It stays in the fat and hair cells.

Can you flush marijuana out of your system?

marajuana only stays in your system for about 1-2 weeks. but if you drink alot of water and vitamins it might help to flush it out.

Does pickle juice clean system of marijuana If not what works?

Pickle juice will not help your body flush THC out. The only sure way of getting THC out of your system is time.

Does alcohol help cleanse marijuana?

No it absolutely does not. No liquids can flush your system because the THC is stored in your fat cells.

Can pass a drug test by taking magnesium citrate?

so magnesium citrate will flush thc out of my system, how long will it take

What will kill THC in the system immediately?

Nothing will get rid of it immediately accept for detox pills. It will leave be out of your system naturally in 3 weeks. Drink ALLOT of water, that will help flush your system out and if you get a urinary drug test will make it harder to detect the THC

If I weight 157 and i am 6'0 i smoked one day can water clean me of THC?

If your trying to flush THC from your system it takes about a week if you drink tons of water and pee a lot i mean a lot............ vinegar will flush it faster but it taste like vey very bad..

Does regular niacin flush THC from your system?

Yes, but the amount you should use depends on how much you weigh, and how much THC you have in your system.

How do you clean THC from urine?

Stop smoking pot. I can't imagine how you got THC in your system. Yeah right. Probably the same way I did when I was young and dumb. Anyway the only way that I know of to flush your system is to drink a lot of water.

What can clean your system from weed?

no there ain't no. but the best 'cleaner' is MILK!! a very good trick is to fill a glass with 50%water and 50% milk. drink, run to the toilet,, :P , this will clean your system :D