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of course there are

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Q: Are there any websites with random fake facts?
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Is any body there to answer quitions?

yes i get the facts and answer random Q's

Massiveptr and buxptr are real money making site OR Fake Site?

Massiveptr and buxptr are fake websites and dont have any payment proofs.

What types of games can be classed as 'random games'?

There are many types of games that can be classed as 'random games'. Random games is just a term gaming websites use when one wants to play any game at random.

Is ACOET accridetation agency is fake?

I believe so strongly. There seems to be no reference to ACOET in any accredition websites. Also beware of ABDT. It's equally fake.

Are there any websites that could help me find watermelon nutrition facts ?

Yes, there are several websites that can help a person to find watermelon nutrition facts. Some examples of websites that can be found online with watermelon nutrition facts are as follows:;;;;

Where can I find advice on fruit nutrition facts?

Fruit nutrition facts can be found on any public information websites that have information for the general publics food sources, or any dietary books.

How do you know facts about early slavic history?

you should first study any papers you have about it... secondly google it and look at websites talking about FACTS. be sure that the facts are real and not made up. =)

Is there any good websites to get a lot of facts about crystal crack?

search for it on google, go to and you will find your answer! if u need more websites contact me:

Does Shailene Woodley have a MySpace?

Shailene Woodley does not have any social networking websites. Any Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (et cetera) accounts claiming to be Shailene are fake.

What websites can you print out fake tax payments?

Since I can't think of any legitimate purpose for doing this, we won't be answering it as it's an illegal acts how-to.

What is the meaning of sacrosanct?

go to A fake holy heracy also, a random phrase shouted in the first verse of Psychosocial by Slipknot, not actually meaning any thing in the song

Does suppositions mean guesses?

Kinda. The difference is that a supposition has some facts to go on, a guess is pure random. A supposition is kinda like playing pretend, more than guessing. For instance, "suppose" that you are a frog. What would you do? See, we have some ideas about what frogs do, so we have some facts to go on. A guess is just random like "what is life like on the Moon?" We don't have any facts, so the story would be a guess.