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If you have to look up jokes to try and make a girl laugh than why are you trying to be funny. Your real humor comes from the heart

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2009-08-31 18:54:07
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Q: Are there any websites with jokes meant to make teen girls laugh?
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What do comics do?

Stand-up comedy and they tell jokes, I think... failure... They are drawings...with dialogue, usually, that are meant to make people laugh.

What kid of girls does Austin mahone like?

I think you meant *kind of girls. He is looking for a girl that can be herself and someone that can make him laugh.

Are jokes supposed to be funny?

Jokes in general are intended to be funny to all involved in knowing it. However a "practical joke" is not funny as the subject/recipient of the practical joke can be either hurt, embarrassed, or suffer some kind of loss while those perpetrating or observing the joke consider it to be a laughing matter.

What did Charles dickens mean by metallic laugh?

By metallic laugh, Dickens would have meant a laugh that sounded as if it had been produced by a brass instrument such as a trumpet.

How is the audience meant to react to a comedy?


How do you get to the jokes page on wikianswers?

Click the "Answer" button in the top left hand corner underneath the button that says "Ask". Type in jokes and hit the search button. If you meant unanswered joke questions when you said jokes page then that will work but if you meant something else then I don't know what you were talking about.

What does the cowboy slang 'to run' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This meant to press with jokes, sarcasm and ridicule. To get the run upon someone is to make him the butt of the jokes.

Why Is housework for girls only and not for boys?

Because girls are meant to do it

Why does hyperbole make people laugh?

because it is an exaggeration and its not meant to make it literally

What is the difference between a joke and a riddle?

a ridle helps you find things and jokes are meant to be funnny

What do you call people who laugh when they are frightened?

It is simply called a 'nervous laugh' and some people will laugh if they are shy or frightened and it is not meant to be disrespectful, but just the way their body and mind react to being frightened.

Are girls meant to have abs?

If you want them!

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