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Pretty much, all of them. Minnesota has no so-called "assault weapon" ban (at least, not that I'm aware of), and, even if the state did, the only variants which could possibly qualify under such a law are the detachable magazine SKS-M and SKS-D rifles. If the state of Minnesota doesn't require you to obtain a permit to purchase a long gun (and, if they do, then it's news to me - permits for handgun purchases aren't uncommon, but I've never heard of a permit for a long gun purchase), then you should be able to purchase any type of SKS rifle without having to obtain a permit first.

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Q: Are there any types of SKS rifles you can buy in Minnesota without a permit to purchase?
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Are air rifles allowed in Florida without a permit?

yes i think in Miami they are

Legal age to purchase guns in Alabama?

eighteen for shotguns and rifles. twenty one for pistol and its required permit

Can you just buy a gun from an individual in Texas with no paperwork?

Texas Gun Laws (As of January, 2008) State Requirements for Rifles and Shotguns Permit to purchase rifles and shotguns? No. Registration of rifles and shotguns? No. Licensing of owners of rifles and shotguns? No. Permit to carry rifles and shotguns? No. source:

Where can one purchase Remington rifles?

There are various places in the US where one can purchase Remington rifles. Online, websites such as GunBroker and the Remington website sell them. Or alternatively, one could visit their local gun store, provided one has a permit.

Do you need permit for rifles or shotguns in Florida?

No, not for "long guns."

Are air rifles legal in Australia?

Yes, but you must have a firearms license and a Permit to Acquire.

How old do you have to be to get a consealed weapons permit in Oklahoma?

You must be 18 to purchase Title 1 long barreled firearms (rifles and shotguns), and 21 to purchase handguns and Title II NFA items. That's the federal law.

If Air Soft Guns are considered legal in NJ But also considered a Firearm do you have to register license and or get a permit to use or carry Seems misleading?

As I understand it, BB gun rifles require a firearms I.D. card to purchase. A BB gun pistol requires a 'pistol' permit to purchase. Figure it out ??????? Wonder when they will get down to assault weapons, like a baseball bat, kitchen knife, etc, etc.....

Do you have to have anything else besides money and age to buy an air rifle in Mississippi like a permit or something?

No. It just takes money and usually 18 years old to purchase an air rifle. Air rifles are not regulated by the ATF.

Do you need a permit to carry rifles or shotguns in Washington?

You will need to contact the local law enforcement to get a correct answer.

If i have guns without permits am i comitting a crime?

Depends on the state and the gun. So far as I know, you may own one - or a dozen - hunting rifles or shotguns in virtually every state. The laws on handguns are a lot more strict, but again, it varies by state. In my state (Michigan) you need a permit to buy a handgun, but once you get the permit, you can legally buy and own that handgun. For every additional handgun, you would need an additional permit to purchase. You can own it. But you can't carry it - that is a separate permit, a license to carry it. But basically, if you have no criminal record, you can get that without a whole lot of trouble. If you have neither (in Michigan), owning a handgun is illegal, with only a very few exceptions. The laws vary by state - you need to find out exactly what they are in your state.

State laws to purchase black powder rifles?

I do not think there is any legislation in the United States surrounding Blackpowder rifles at all.