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There are parental consent laws for a reason. At 14 years old you are not mature enough to make a lifelong decision about a (possibly) tacky piece of art you will have permanently etched into your skin. Take that from a mom who got a few tattoos at a young age. Respect your parents, and their wishes. They do it FOR you. But you won't understand that until you have children of your own. Take care.

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Q: Are there any tattoo parlors that will tattoo a fourteen year old with parent consent in Missouri?
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When can you get a tattoo?

In most tattoo parlors you have to be 18 in order to get a tattoo without parent consent.

Can you get married at fourteen in Alaska?

With parent consent, yes.

What tattoo parlors in Missouri can a fourteen year old get a tattoo?

I'm not your parent and I'm telling you, don't get a tattoo when you're 14.I dont know for sure which ones will, but if your sure you want a tattoo; it is your body nobody can stop you.New Answer:I think any tattoo parlor would let you get one IF you have a PARENT with you and they are willing to sign .

Can a 14 year old get emancipated in Missouri without parent consent?

No and not with their consent either. You usually have to be at least 16 to apply.

How old must you be in the state of Missouri to move out of your house without a parent's consent?


Can you leave home without parent consent at 17 in Missouri?

In Missouri you are not considered an adult. Until that point, your parents make the decisions.

Is there any tattoo parlors in Virginia that will tattoo a 17 year old with parent consent?

Once you turn 18 yes - prior to that age, no.

Can a fourteen year old female date a eighteen year old male with parent consent in Oklahoma?

No, it's illegal.

Can a fourteen year old child decide to live with a grandparent in Washington state if he has the consent of one parent?

A fourteen year can live with a grandparent if her parents are not opposed to it. If one parent is opposed, then the child cannot move unless the courts orders so.

Can a 18 year old girl get in trouble if she marry her 16 year old boyfriend in the state of missouri?

No. If he can get a written consent from one parent you are free to go ahead. Normally age of consent in Missouri is 17 is not married.

Can a 14 year old and an 18 year old marry in Texas?

The fourteen year old must have a parent's consent. The 18 year old does not need parental consent because they are not a minor.

How old do you have to be to get your lip pierced with parent consent?

Well, at some piercing parlors, they allow you to be at least thirteen. I got my lip pierced On July 12th, 2010. Im Fourteen. I just had to have picture ID and had to read LOTS of papers. Just make sure they're clean. And I wouldn't advise you to do it yourself. Not a good idea. Hope I helped. -CarterrBaee:)