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In the United States, there are no special clothes that are expected to be worn. Some people might wear special outfits or red Santa hats, but it is entirely up to each individual.

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Q: Are there any special clothes worn on Christmas?
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What did Sioux call clothes?

The Lakota word for clothing or clothes is hayapi or hayake or oigluze. The word wokhoyake refers to any special set of clothes, fancy dress or ornaments worn with clothing.

What do America people wear for Christmas?

People in the United States do not wear special clothes for Christmas. Some might dress up a bit, but most wear clothes they would wear any other day.

What do Iraqi's wear during their Christmas celebration?

They dont celebrate most likey they dont wear any kind of special clothes for any other religion festival apart from theirs!!!

What kind of clothing did bookbinders and printers wear?

They did not wear any special clothes, just the clothes that all other citizens wore as well. Only printers might have worn an apron to protect their clothes against ink stains.

What kind of clothes do English people wear?

The usual clothes worn in any other Western country.

Are there any special greetings for Boxing Day?

no, there is no special greetings but it is for Christmas so you say merry Christmas .

What are the traditinal clothing of France?

There is no set traditional style of clothing in France since different regions have different traditions. Traditional clothes worn in each of the regions are trousers, skirts and hats.

What do people were around the world on Christmas day?

People on Christmas were any clothes they want to or they can dress u.

Are there any special sayings said at Christmas in Germany?

Frohe Weihnachten... merry Christmas

What do Jewish families eat at Christmas?

Jews do not celebrate Christmas and so do not eat any special foods for Christmas.

Do buddists have any special clothes or books?

yes when they pray

What would be worn during Hanukkah?

There is no special clothing worn. It depends on the family and what type of party (if any) is being held.