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There may be small monthly fees, however they are reliable. Visa and MasterCard participate in these cards. You can purchase them at any Walmart, Dollar General, RiteAid or CVS. Visit their website for fees and more.

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Q: Are there any prepaid gift cards that won't charge me an inactivity fee?
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Are there money gift cards like visa gift cards where you don't have to pay an extra charge?

No, you would have to pay for the card and a monthly charge for all visa prepaid cards.

Do prepaid gift cards ever expire?

Yes, prepaid gift cards ever expire. However, some gift cards like paypal gift card don't so you should check with the agency.

What prepaid gift cards does cvs sell?


Can gift cards be used to buy money order?

No, store brand gift cards cannot be used to buy money orders. This is unless they are the prepaid type gift cards like Visa Gift cards.

ARe prepaid gift cards a good gift idea?

If you want to give a prepaid gift card as a birthday gift or Christmas gift then I would not mind. But make sure you watch out for the extra fees it charges you with .

Where can I buy a Mastercard gift card?

You can purchase a prepaid Mastercard gift card at Wal-Mart or Target. Also, you should check out Super America gas station's, as they carry many prepaid credit cards and gift cards.

What do you call those prepaid credit card things?

gift cards

Do banks put money into a prepaid card?

Yes. Banks provide prepaid gift cards and prepaid credit cards to its customers. You can always put any amount of money you want into these cards. If you are asking about prepaid mobile cards, then many ATMs have this feature. You can add value into your prepaid mobile line using the ATM.

Where can you buy mastercard gift cards?

You may go on the mastercard website to obtain one of these gift cards or prepaid cards. They may also be sold at local stores in your area. Mastercard gift cards are sold worldwide.

Can you use a prepaid credit card at blockbuster?

no you can only buy gift cards

Can prepaid visa gift cards be used in Europe?

Yes. They can be used anywhere in the world.

Can you resell prepaid gift cards and where can you do this?

Gift Card Rescue is a website that helps you cash in your gift cards. You tell them which store you have a gift card to and how much it's worth. They will give you a quote, and if you agree you can mail it in to get the cash for it.