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Keep track of what day in you cycle that you ovulate. Have intercourse about 4 days before you're scheduled to ovulate, and then try to have intercourse every day, or at least a couple of more days, before you ovulate, including the day before you ovulate. It's more important to have intercourse before you ovulate than the actual day you ovulate since the sperm need to be waiting in the fallopian tubes when the egg passes through the tubes.

Try having intercourse in the missionary (man on top) or with the female in the knee-chest position, these can result in the sperm being deposited farther into the vagina. Lie flat after intercourse and don't get out of bed for an hour or two afterwards.

Some people believe that skipping intercourse for a couple of days improves the quality of a man's sperm, and increases the chance of getting pregnant. This isn't really true. Couples who have intercourse more frequently get pregnant more often. Even if it's the middle of the week and you're both tired, go ahead and ask your partner to have intercourse (assuming you're both on board with getting pregnant).

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Q: Are there any methods you can apply to help you get pregnant?
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