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Not very recetly I believe. But some from the past; Mary Todd Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln's wife), Lionel Aldridge (Professional football player for Greenbay Packers) , and Meera Popkin (former star of the Broadway show "Cats"). John Nash, US mathematician, subject of the film 'My Beautiful Mind'.

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Q: Are there any famous schizophrenics
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When was Schizophrenics Anonymous created?

Schizophrenics Anonymous was created in 1985.

What has the author Amrita Bagga written?

Amrita Bagga has written: 'Dermatoglyphics of schizophrenics' -- subject(s): Dermatoglyphics, Physiology, Schizophrenics

Why do schizophrenics get angry easily?

Not true .

Are schizophrenics gay?

Some are, but most aren't.

Are schizophrenics people you should be friends with or not?


How do you spell cizfnosecz?

Maybe you are trying to spell schizophrenics.

Should schizophrenics have the right to vote?

Yes, they are citizens.

What type of psychotherapy is used for schizophrenics?

Most schizophrenics can benefit from psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic approaches are not recommended. Behavior therapy, however, is often helpful.It can be combined with occupational therapy.

Do schizophrenics get sick a lot?

Schizophrenics are less healthy than the general population, mostly due to the high rates of obesity, smoking, and drug use in the schizophrenic population.

Do schizophrenics have shorter life expectancy?

The life issues surrounding severe mental illness of any kind can be expected to lead to circumstances with a good chance of shortening life expectancy. These can be self-harm, failure to care for physical needs, issues with the law and other people, and a host of other problems. Schizophrenics, in particular, need professional support since their disorder is especially vulnerable to self-neglect, and their hallucination and paranoiac episodes may lead to life-threatening situations.

Are schizophrenics always right?

Schizophrenics are often wrong. One major symptom of schizophrenia is delusions, or false strongly held beliefs. An example of a delusion is a belief that coworkers are trying to poison you, or that the CIA is observing you when they are not. Outside of delusions, schizophrenics are wrong as often as or more often than anyone else.

How often is depersonalization in schizophrenia?

Depersonalization disorder is present in Schizophrenics in most cases, But Schizophrenics tend to develop Psychosis which disables them completely from reality, thus Schizophrenics are not aware nor can tell the difference between the internal and external world. Whereas individuals with Depersonalization disorder temporarly have fragmentation of reality.