Are there any famous all-kid dance crews?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Well, there's Iconic Boyz, but there's also my crew, the Lone Star Flower Power Pop-Lockerz!

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Q: Are there any famous all-kid dance crews?
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What is the main types of dance?

any type of dance is famous depending on what you like to dance to.

How can you and your crew be a famous dance crew on tv?

by going on any TV show and then u might get recognized

Has terry crews been naked in any movies?


Does any famous people do hip hop dance?

There are alot of famous hip hop dancers some are: -Nacho Pop -Shane Sparks -Jabbawockeez -Michael Jackson

What part of speech is dance?

"Dance" is frequently used as both a verb and a noun. Examples: "They dance more gracefully than any other ballet company I have ever seen" (verb); "'The Highland Fling' is a famous Scottish dance." (noun)

What the homophone for crews?

cruise. But if their are any more,please add some. P.S. its not what the,its what is.

Are there any operas in which there is dancing?

CarmenThere are ballet sequences in many operas. One of the most famous is the Dance of The Hours from Ponchielli's La Gioconda.

What is the concept of hip hop dance?

The same concept of any dance type, to excerise, have fun, get famous etc.ect.. Its just some may not like the other styles around, so they go to hip hop

Where can I buy a dance workout DVD?

There is a lot of shops in our city which sell dance workout DVD. You may refer to one of these shops in the downtown to buy some. Any type of dance you like, you can find in these shops. One of the most famous shops in this regard is the Walton's DVD shop.

How longn has the zorba dance been around for?

the zorba has been around for many many years. it has been around before ancient Greece time. the zorba is a very famous greek dance witch is danced to for any thing

Who is famous for all the moves in ballet?

no one person is credited for all the moves in ballet, such as no one person is credited whth all the moves in any other genre of dance. as the dance evolved people added new steps.

Is Scottish country dance considered folk dance?

Yes, any traditional dance is a folk dance.