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There are no specific articles that compare health diets, however there are many articles online which discuss benefits, pros and cons between various fad diets and such.

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Q: Are there any articles that compare health diets?
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Are there any diets out there gears toward health versus losing weight or exercising?

Just about any diet that is out there can be geared towards health. In fact, most diets are, they're just portrayed to help you lose weight so people are more apt to try them out over other diets.

Where might one go to find current health articles?

Check out WebMD. They are very good about providing recent health information. Also, any magazine directed toward men's health or women's health are very good about providing health articles.

Where can I learn the truth about diets?

You can learn the truth about diets from a nutritionist. They are trained in nutrition and would be able to dispell any diet myths and the health dangers of starting a "fad" diet.

What are some diets for different blood types?

While there are many diets which claim to offer health benefits based on a particular diet geared to blood type, the truth is that there is no scientific evidence supporting any of these claims. Studies have not found any connection between weight loss and diets tied to blood type either.

Are there any good Fitness articles I can read up on?

Yes, there are hundreds of online articles on Fitness. Here are some them:

Does prison allow diets?

The prison I was in allowed diets. Like kosher diets, diets based on any allergies, etc.

Do diets really work?

Any diet can help you to lose weight long as you take in fewer calories than you burn. Extremely low calorie diets are not suggested for long periods of time due to adverse health consequences.

Are there any heart health fitness articles online?

This website can provide you with the information you need and more: This website talks all about health and fitness. It also talks about how fitness relates to heart health.

Are there any good Fitness articles?

Yes, articles such as Men's health are great articles that you can read online fore free, others you can simply search, for example: How to get fit is an excellent search choice, you can also search for a variety of ways to get fit.

Are there any magazines that are all about men's health?

Yes, actually there is a very large magazine called Men's Health. You can read some of their articles online or subscribe here:

Who has created a diet plan specifically for women?

There are not any diets that are specifically designed for women. However diets such as Jenny Craig offer diets for men and women. I have researched this question and have not found any diets specifically for women.

Are there any websites that can help me find plan diet?

Good Housekeeping Magazine has an awesome tool on their website that allows you to see various types of diets and what they entail. You can even choose more than one and compare it directly to another to see which one seems better suited to your needs. The link is