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Deodorants get you high? That's news to me. Generally, if an *inhalant* (not necessarily something else, like pot or opiates) gets you high, it is causing some sort of damage (with the exception of nitrous oxide if you are making sure to get oxygen, and medical grade ether). Therefore I would say "yes."

Funny story though, I'm into BDSM and have an armpit fetish, so I sniff/lick women's armpits during sex all the time. Never gotten high off of it, and I'm pretty sure my brain is okay!

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Q: Are the risks high of getting brain damage from inhaling deodorant fumes?
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The affects of inhaling nos?

brain damage

Is inhaling ether dangerous?

Yes. It can cause brain damage or even death.

Can inhaling plastic fumes cause brain damage?

Chronically inhaling the fumes from the production/creation of plastics, or the burning of plastics, could cause damage to the body and brain. However, a one-time incident likely would not cause brain damage. The bigger riskwith fumes from plastic (creation or burning) is respiratory irritation or damage.

Does Shawn Michaels have ADHD?

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What can hurt or damage the brain?

Getting hit on the head

Does inhaling gasoline kill brain cells?

no, in fact regularly inhaling gasoline promotes the healthy growth and function of your brain.

What can you do if you inhale concrete dust?

It actually depends on toxical chemicals. Inhaling the scent isn't the best thing to do, because it will eventually damage brain cells.

Can you die from inhaling sharpie markers?

No you won't die, but you will have brain damage. The Sharpie has acetate as an ingredient and that is used in glue. So sniffing a Sharpie is the same as sniffing glue.

What causes tissues in the brain or heart to die?

Poor circulation to the brain can cause tissues to die from lack of oxygen. Another cause of tissue damage in the brain can be a blow to your head or inhaling smoke from a fire more than oxygen (which can also cause suffocation).

Can your brain drown?

In a way, yes, if there is not enough oxygen getting to it, and there is an excess of non-vital fluids in your bloodstream, your brain could be considered as drowning. Alternatively, if you are inhaling gas that is not oxygen, or another fluid that is not oxygen, your brain could be considered as drowning.

What are the Problems caused due to whitener inhaling?

by more inhaling of whitenar the which are present in our brain are get break and it comes out with the help of urien

What are the dangers of inhaling antifreeze?

The inhalation of the vapors of ethylene glycol can have a serious affect on the brain and nervous system, analogous to the way wood alcohol (methanol) can damage or destroy the optic nerve.