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I'm sorry but they're fakes. Besides the fact that I've recognized a few professional European porn stars I have this point to make that they r fake. If a girl was going to suck or screw a strange stripper would they:

Do it on camera for the whole world to see

Do it on camera for the whole world to see and not get paid

Suck and screw all the guys and not just the ones they thought were attractive

The girls get double teamed and everything else. Come on. I could buy that a drunk girl could get caught up in it when she sees others (the porn girls that they think r regular girls) doing it, but not doing several guys.

Although I do say this. In a couple of very early episodes I saw a really drunk girl do 1 guy after acting embarrassing intoxicated. Her friends were in shock and carried her away, not to be seen in the rest of the video. Also, was a girl who was obviously slow or retarded. She did one guy while her gfriends were looking on in shock and laughter as she strangely mimicked riding a horse while riding the stripper. When she got off the stripper her friends were right there helping her dress. It was very apparent that she was not all there and her friends just let her do what she thought normal people did at clubs.

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Q: Are the girls real amateurs at Party hard core?
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