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No. Generally with the monthly Birth Control pills, the first 21 days are one consistency of drug and the last 7 are a different consistency.

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Q: Are the contraceptive pils the same throughout the month?
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Does every month have a holiday?

Holidays are not the same throughout the world. Different countries have different holidays. Without doubt there will be a holiday in each month but not necessarily in any given country.

Is taking plan b and 5 birth control pills at once in the same month bad?

Yes. If you can't use the pill right, and don't want to face parenthood, you should look for another contraceptive method.

Does Effexor affect the contraceptive implant?

Does Implanon react/interfere with any drugs?Not to the same extent that the Pill does. For example, you can take antibiotics without lowering the efficiency of the implant

How many people die in the same month they were born?

Statistically, the phenomenon known as the birthday-deathday paradox suggests that about 1 in 365 people die in the same month they were born. This is due to the way birthdays are evenly distributed throughout the year.

First time getting two periods in the same month been on BC implanon for a year and 3 months I feel heavy headed is this normal?

Bleeding is unpredictable on the contraceptive implant, so what you're experiencing could be normal.

Does the right ascension and declination of the star Arcturus change with the change of month or is it the same throughout the year?

Basically they stay the same, although over tens of thousands of years, they change slightly.

Substance that does not appear to be the same throughout?

what is a substance that does not appear to be the same throughout

Are u supposed to miss your period the same month you have intercourse if your pregnant?

Most women miss there first months period after becoming pregnant. Some have their period throughout pregnancy.

How high are the chances of the contraceptive implant rd making you infertile?

The contraceptive implant does not cause infertility. 15 in 100 patients will not get pregnant in the first year after stopping the implant. THat's the same rate as patients who've never used the implant.

How do you know if you're pregnant after stopping the contraceptive implant?

Whether or not you had the implant, diagnosing pregnancy is the same. Take a pregnancy test.

What is the mixture that has the same composition throughout?

If I remember correctly, a mixture with the same composition throughout is a homogeneous mixture~

Does the period date for girls remain same throughout the life or it changes every month?

The period isn't the same length as a month, and even months arent all the same length. So the periods will happen with basically the same number of days between them, but this will be at different dates. On top of that the body isn't clockwork perfect, so the period can shift a little every now and then w/o any obvious reason.