Are sports bra better for kids or padded?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some girls might need padded Bras, but if they are just getting breast a sports bra should be good.

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Q: Are sports bra better for kids or padded?
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Where online can I get a custom padded sports bra made?

There are multiple websites online where a person can get a custom padded sports bra. is one of these sites.

How do you take off sports bra?

Just take it off like a padded bra or any other type of bra.

What are some different styles of padded sports bras?

There are many different styles of padded sports bra. Some of them are multi way underwire, invisible look underwire and front closure lift bra.

How do you make a padded bra?

To make a Padded bra, get a normal non-padded bra. Remove the pads from a bikini. Put on the non padded bra, then take the bikini pads and place in the bra. Now you have a padded bra!

Buying a padded sports bra for cheap?

I've found a very nice one for you (the Underscore padded "keyhole" sports bra) which costs $17 for one and just $13 each if you buy 2! You can order it online at

What does a padded bra do?

Padded bras make your boobs look bigger and firmer and they feel a lot better. There are no metal wires in the frame.

What is the smallest padded bra size?

The smallest padded bra available is a 24AA from Ewa Michalak.

Is it okay for a 12 year old to wear a padded sports bra while running in public or through the neighborhood?

Yes it is OK. Just remember the purpose of a sports bra is support, not advertising.

What to say to your mom when you want a padded bra?

Can we get one that will help me fill out my clothes better?

Where can you find a kids sports bra for girls?

You can find sports bras for kids at justice for girls.