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Prepaid phone plans can be beneficial if someone is just needing a phone for emergencies or limited use. Prepaid phones are also a good teaching method for teens about responsibility, because they have to learn to manage the time they have on their phone.

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Yes, getting a prepaid phone card is a good deal if you use it on a cell phone. Unless you already have a cell phone plan with unlimited minutes, in which case you are wasting your money.

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Q: Are prepaid phone plans worth it?
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Benefits of Cheap Prepaid Cell Phone Plans?

Cheap prepaid phone plans can be bought at nearly every electronic or cell phone store. Prepaid cell phone plans allow you to buy a certain amount of minutes within a month for a low price. Some cheap prepaid cell phone plans can be bought at a fraction of what it cost for a contract plan. Many cell phone providers allow you to keep your current number when starting a plan and provide great deals on cell phone that can be used for prepaid plans.

Is there any information available online about cheap prepaid cell phone plans?

Yes, there are cheap prepaid cell phone plans that are available. Cricket Wireless is a leading cell phone provider, offering affordable prepaid cellular plans and no signed contract.

Why Switch To Phone Prepaid Plans?

Prepaid plans for cell phones are a great way to cut the costs of your cell phone bill every month. With prepaid plans, you pay more for the phone in the beginning, and less for the plan every month. It may seem costly to start using prepaid phone plans, but the ends usually justify the means. Many prepaid cell phone plans even offer unlimited plans that are cheaper than contract cell phone carriers. Prepaid plans are also great if you're just entering the cell phone world, or for kids who need to have restricted phone capabilities that parents feel they can control. People will credit that otherwise would not get them approved for a cell phone on a contract can happily enjoy prepaid plans as there are no credit checks needed in order to obtain one.

Can a iPhone 5 be prepaid?

Yes, an iPhone 5 can be prepaid. You need to find a phone company that has prepaid plans.

Is virgin mobile prepaid phone better the AT and T prepaid phone?

Virgin Mobile offers better calling plans than AT&T prepaid in my opinion.

Where is there information available on good prepaid cell phone plans?

The prepaid reviews web site seems a great choice to find out reviews on various prepaid cell phone plans. It can be a great idea to check out the reviews.

What is the best PrePaid plan on Verizon, mainly focused on texts?

You can visit site and search for prepaid plans. Under shop you go to prepaid phones & prepaid plans: Cell phone plans. Everything you need to know here.

Does Tmobile offer any prepaid plans with Sidekicks?

Yes, Tmobile does offer prepaid plans with the sidekick. You would have to buy the phone outright than set it up on the prepaid plan.

Are Sprint cell phones prepaid or contractoral?

Sprint offers both prepaid and contractoral cell phone plans. Sprint offers basic and smartphone prepaid plans. Sprint offers contractoral plans for individual, family, and data only plans.

Does T Mobile offer prepaid cell phone plans?

T-Mobile does, in fact, offer prepaid cell phone plans. You can purchase T-Mobile prepaid phones in a variety of locations such as Walmart, T-Mobile stores, and online retailers.

Which providers offer prepaid cell phone plans?

Some companies that offer prepaid plans are Virgin Mobile and AT&T. is a good resource to check out to compare the different plans.

Which phone companies provide prepaid plans?

The phone companies that offer prepaid plans are, Telstra, AT&T, Vodafone and Optus. There are many more, however, the three that are listed are universally known as the best brands.