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Yes, many motels are cheaper than hotels. They are not as nice either so I would consider staying in a hotel instead.

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Q: Are motels cheap compared to a hotels?
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What are some examples of cheap hotels in Manila?

Some examples of cheap hotels in Manila are hotels and motels just like Best Western, Motel 6, Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Resort and Spa. They are nice and cheap hotels.

What are some good hotels that are in Edmonton?

Edmonton has a diverse selection of hotels in its city limits. From four star hotels to cheap roadside motels, there are options available for every budget and temperament.

Where can one find cheap Austin Motels?

Cheap Austin hotels can be found online through price comparison websites such as hotels dot come and Expedia. Trip advisory allows users to sort hotels in Austin by price and quality.

What are the classification of motels?

Motels are rated from one to three stars. One is horrible and three is excellent. Motels are not comparable to hotels as hotels are general considered higher end and nicer.

How cheap is it in Budapest?

Being the capital, it isn't particularly cheap at all. Restaurants and hotels can be fairly expensive - you need to shop around. Public transport is cheap, and Budapest has a great indoor market.

What are lodging industry?

Hotels, motels and the like

Where can one find cheap Bangkok hotels online?

One can find cheap Bangkok hotels online from the hotels site. They have the best and latest deals for everyone. Their prices are unbeatable compared to other companies.

Where can I book hotels and motels on the internet?

You can book hotels and motels on many websites online. Some websites that offer this service is and

Where is the nearest Branson Hotels and Motels in Montana?

Some hotels and motels in Montana are: Motel 6, Branson Airport Hotels, Downtown Branson Hotel, Silver Dollar City Hotel, Table Rock Lake Hotels, Indian Point Hotels.

What are some of the motels and hotels included in the Choice Hotels Group?

Choice Hotels Incorporation is based in Maryland, USA and has a long list of hotels and motels in their group. To name a few are comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Carlton Hotels and Rodeway Inn.

Where can a listing of available Denver Hotels and Motels be found?

Listings of available Denver Hotels and Motels can be found on websites such as "Booking", "Trip Advisor", "Hotels", "Motel-One", "Denver" or "Road Side America".

What are lodging properties?

hotels,motels,all suites hotels,convention hotel,resorts