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No, but it is still considered illegal under a different law. Paraphernalia would be an instrument used to smoke marijuana.

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Q: Are marijuana seeds considered paraphernalia
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If marijuana seeds are found in your vehicle is this considered a felony?

It is according to what state you live in but in Alabama it is considered drug paraphernalia. You could be fined up to 2,000 dollars or more. The best advice to give you is vacuum you car if you plan on doing anything like that in it.

Will your license be suspended for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia?


What is the punishment for marijuana and paraphernalia possession in New York?

I was caught with paraphernalia and got charged with a 5th degree criminal possession of marijuana. I had less than a gram of pot on me.

Should you get urine tests for paraphernalia?

Just so long as you don't pee on the marijuana :)

What kind of seeds are produced by the marijuana plant?

The female flowers (and parts of). Sticky goo from the plant. The male flowers (it does not contain much THC, but is used when making extracts (solvent exracts, usually ethanol but sometimes butane.) edible oil extracts butter Mineral oil (used to make topically applied balms, somtimes lipstick leaves. See also keif, hashish

What are the consequences a person can take if arrested and convicted of using marijuana?

That depends on where you were arrested and if you had any paraphernalia.

Is possession of drug paraphernalia with drug residue considered drug possession in Michigan?

No, It's possession of a narcotic paraphernalia

What is marijuana seeds used for?

growing marijuana plants

Will marijuana grow if you plant grown marijuana?

no it needs seeds