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The Latin Kings are a gang under the People Nation & the Gangster Disciples are a gang under the Folk Nation, which means they are rivals.........

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Q: Are latin kings and Gangster Disciples allies?
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What gangs are in lorain Ohio?

30 th street, maniac latin disciples, bloods, crips, latin kings, gangster disciples, original gangster disciples , but the most notoruios is the maniac latin disciples

Who is king david in the latin king gang?

King David is David Barksdale, who is co-founder of one of the Almighty Latin King & Queens rivals which is the Gangster Disciples................ To answer ur question King David has nothing to do with the Latin Kings, but he has a lot to do with the Gangster Disciples gang....

Is black and red gang colors?

Yes Red-Bloods Black-Lots of them mainly Latin Kings

Are Latin kings cool with disciples?

no, they are rivals. Disciples are Folk Nation (6 pointed star) and Latin Kings are People Nation (5 pointed star).

Who are Satan disciples enemies?

latin kings , ms13 , los zetas

Who are allies with latin kings?

Bloods. West side goon squad

Who is the rival of the Latin kings?

Any one who oppose them, Gangs such as the Maniac Latin Disciples, Cobras, IG's and ETC

Are Crips warring with GDs?

The Crips gang and the Gangster Disciples Nation are two completely different gangs, that really have nothing to do with each other, they're not allies & not really enemies. The Crips gang is enemies to gangs in the Blood Alliance, such as the Bloods gang, Pirus gang, and the Brims gang. The Gangster Disciples Nation is rivals to gangs under the People Nation, such as the Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation, Almighty Vice Lords Nation, & Almighty Black P. Stones Nation. SIDE NOTES: The Crips gang is NOT in the Folk Nation, they're in the Crip Alliance. The Gangster Disciples Nation is in the Folk Nation, therefore their main rivals are gangs in the People Nation.

What is the differents between crips and gangster disciple?

The Crips are a gang that started in Los Angeles Cali in the 1960's. Their founders are Stanley ''Tookie'' Williams & Raymond Washington. Crips wear the color blue & their rivals the Bloods wear the color red. The Black Gangster Disciples often shortened to the Gangster Disciples are a gang under the Folk Nation. They started in Chicago Illinois in the 1960's. Their founders are Larry Hoover & David Barksdale. Gangster Disciples wear the colors black & gray & their main rivals the Almighty Vice Lords & the Almighty Latin Kings which are a gang under the People Nation. Latin Kings wear black and gold & Vice Lords wear gold & white. *Crips do NOT share any of the Folk Nations knowledge & vice versa with Gd's.

What is the Assyrian kings gang?

The Assyrian Kings, (Originally a Chapter of the Latin Kings) Is a gang based in Chicago and has moved through North America. Started around the early 90's it was still part The ALKQN (Almighty Latin King Queen Nation) and wore the colours Yellow, which are the colors of the Latin kings. After the Assyrian Kings gained more recognition and members they eventually broke off the Latin King and became its own separate Gang. There has been a miss-understanding of the Assyrian Kings that are based in Australia are the original "Assyrian Kings", which is false. That "Gang" is totally irrelevant, Although they may have ties to the original Assyrian Kings in Chicago. The Assyrian Kings number to about 2500 in Chicago alone and estimated 6000 Nation wide. There is also some traces of Assyrian kings in Canada aswell. Affiliated; Latin Kings, Bloods, People Nation, Vice Lords Rivals; Crips, Gangster Disciples, FOLK Nation, Black Disciples

What gangs are in Milwaukee?

BOS,2-7,East Side Mafiosos/Imperial Gangsters,The Bogus Boys,Orquestra Albany,22 Boys,Maniac Latin Disciples,Trinitarios,Spanish Cobras,Black Disciples,Gangster Disciples,Lady D's,Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation,4 Corner Hustlers,Milwaukee Kings,Latin Eagles,Latin Counts,Spanish Gangster Disciples,Mexican Posse,Sur13,La Neta,Crips,Bloods,Stones,Geto Boys,Murda Mob,Simon City Royals,Latin Pachucos,Insane Unknowns,Insane Ashland Vikings,Deuces,Mickey Cobras,Almighty Saints,Nortenos,Vatos Locos,Los Solidos,18th Sreet,La Eme,MS13,New Breeds,other gangs from Columbia

What is a Latin king?

First off the full name of the gang is called the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation not just ''latin king''. Anyways the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation is a Latino/Hispanic gang that is under the People Nation. Their rivals are gangs under the Folk Nation like the Gangster Disciples & the Gangster Two Six, etc......