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as of now maybe hes not! but for the future thing i dont know maybe they be dating!

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Q: Are kathryn bernardo and albie casino dating?
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Who is the girlfriend of albie casino?

kathryn bernardo

Who is the crush of kathryn bernardo?

Albie casino..!!

Do Albie Carl Casino has a girlfriend?

Kathryn Bernardo

Did kathryn bernardo was the girlfriend of albie casino?

cguro... nga bgay naman eh....

Who is the ex of albie casino?


Does Albie Casino Have A Crush On Kathryn Bernardo?

i still don't know if he does have a crush on kathryn bernardo in real life, but in mara clara, yes he does have crush on mara david/del valle

Where did albie casino discovered?

...His elder brother was an actor and Mara Montes,Kathryn & Albie are bestfriends

Who is crush of albie casino?

he didn't say who it was. But in his formspring account, he said that he's crushing on someone right now.

Does albie casino likes kathryn bernardo?

Yep. albie even asked her out. during the tayping of mara clara! and kathryn said yes. They're going out secretly. :) I was there. LOL. ^_^ They're dating. :) (SECRETLY) <3 Albie is way more older than her so kathryn thinks that they can date secretly because its ashame to date an 17 years old guy. but they love each other. they even kiss. LOL. in the cheek. :) <3

Does andi eigenman is the girlfriend of albie casiño?

No... hindI kaMI papayag nUh na si aNdi anG perfect for albie casino.. maS baGAy kaYa silA ni KAthryn BErnardo... OLd-old ng face ni aNdi parA kay alBie casino.. dapat pang highest level na ung mUkha ni ANdi...... YackIEe.... eewWYY...........

Do Kathryn Bernardo have a boyfriend in real life?

yes she does but she doesn't know it!!! her perfect guy is Albie Casino. they lyk each other but they just don't know it. not only in acting but rumour has it. fate will find a way of putting them 2gether

What is the biography of albie casino?

ALBIE CASINO (born May 14, 1993, Makati) or more commonly known as "Albie" is a Filipino actor. He was casted to ABS-CBN's Your Song Presents: Gimik 2010 in May 2009. The show went on from April - July 2010 where he was "Albie Marquez", nephew of Diane (Judy Ann Santos). In August 2010, he was asked to portray the role of "Christian" in Mara Clara remake. The show debuted in October 29, 2010 where he is the love interest of Mara, portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo. At his young age, Albie revealed that he has already had four girlfriends. Albie was recently named as one of the Top 20 Candy Cuties for 2010 (at #7)