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a depressant for sure and short term stimulant

when your on it for a while you'll get so depressed

dont smoke

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Cigarettes contain nicotine which is a stimulant.

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Q: Are cigarettes a depressant or stimulant?
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Is cigarettes a stimulant depressant hallucinogen?

Depending on the Dosage, Nicotine is can be either a Depressant and Stimulant. With a low dosage it is a stimulant, where as with higher dosages it becomes a depressant.

Is tobacco a stimulant depressant or hallucinogen?

Tobacco is both a stimulant and hallucinogenic. It is a stimulant because of the nicotine ingredient, and a hallucinogen because it also contains the harmala alkaloids harman and norharman, which are hallucinogens.

Is tobacco a depressant?

Short term stimulant- long term depressant!!

Is nicotine a stimulant or depressant?

The main chemical in tobacco is nicotine, a stimulant, which causes your. heart to beat more rapidly. This causes weight loss and cigarettes also may

Is crack stimulant or depressant?


Is crack a stimulant or depressant?


Is oxycodone a depressant or a stimulant?

It doesn't have a stimulant effect. It is a analgesic with "depressant" effect.

How is stimulant and depressant the same?

No, a depressant lowers your heart rate, while a stimulant raises it.

Is smoking a depressant or a stimulant?

Not a hallucinogen. It is either a stimulant, depressant or both depending on the strain.

Magic mushrooms stimulant or depressant?

Magic mushrooms are neither a stimulant or depressant. They are a hallucinogen.

What is the addictive substance found in tobacco and why is it considered a stimulant?

The addictive substance in cigarettes is Nicotine. Unusually, Nicotine is both a stimulant, and a depressant, which is one of the reasons it is so addictive both physically and mentally. It excites and clears your mind like caffeine (stimulant) , but at the same time calms and relaxes you, like alcohol (depressant).

Is cafeine a depressant hallucinogen or stimulant?