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yes they are excellent and better for cleaning hardwood floors. It is highly recommended from many sources to use them on hardwood floors. They work best on hardwood and tile floors.

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Q: Are cannister vaccuums better for cleaning hardwood floors?
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Do upright vaccuums clean as well as cannisters?

Upright Vaccuums clean better on carpetted floors and Cannisters work better on hard wood and tiled floors. Upright vaccuums don't work good on hardwood floors, but cannisters are excellent on hardwood floors.

Do backpack vaccuums work as well as upright vaccuums?

A cannister type vacuum will almost always outperform an upright because of the inherent limitations of the design.The cannister puts the mechanical stuff well out of the way of the business end you get better suction and you can get to more places easily.

What is better for resale hardwood floors or ceramic tile?

Hardwood floors. They look much nicer.

Why is soap a better cleaning agent?

Better cleaning agent then what?

What makes hardwood floors unique and what is the advantage that hardwood floors have over carpet?

Hardwood floors are much better than carpets. They first of all are easier to clean and secondly have a much more elegant look to them and are better.

Are rubber casters or polyurethane ones better for a hardwood floor?

Rubber casters are better for a hardwood floor as they will not scratch the wood surface and not leave black marks on your floor.

How does bamboo hardwood flooring compare to other types of hardwood floors?

Bamboo hardwood flooring is actually a lot better in many aspects compared to other hardwood flooring. Bamboo is very versatile and is more likely to hold up when compared to other hardwood flooring.

Is the Quaking Aspen a hardwood tree?

The Quaking Aspen or Populus tremula , by virtue of being deciduous, is classed as a hardwood, the wood ,because of the rapid growth , does not produce a good hardwood, the longer the growth takes the better the hardwood, it is used for matchsticks and papermaking.

Is it better to nail down or glue down hardwood floors?

Nail it.

Is it better to use hardwood or bamboo for your flooring?

It depends on your needs. Bamboo is lighter and more eco-friendly, while hardwood is more traditional and cheaper.

Is a hardwood tree better for paper making or is a softwood?

It doesn't really matter softwood makes soft paper and hardwood makes normal paper

Is hardwood floor better than rug?

The flooring is all up to you. If you prefer a hardwood floor, go with that. If you want a rug floor, that's okay too. You can always do a combo of them, and make some of your floor hardwood, and the rest rug.