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Birth Control pills can be used for hormone replacement in certain situations, but hormone replacement pills can not be used as birth control pills. Consult your health care provider or pharmacist for advice specific to your situation.

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Q: Are birth control pills and hormone pills the same?
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What is the hormone in the IUD?

The Mirena IUD contains levonorgestrel. This is the same hormone found in many birth control pills and morning after pills.

Are birth control pills that help you not get pregnant and ones that regulate your period the same thing?

yes, they are the same pills

Can you get back on birth control after not taking it for 6 months If so can you take the same type of birth control pills?

Yes. However, your body's natural hormone levels may have changed in the past six months and as always, you should consult your doctor about this.

Will you know when you reach menopause if you are on birth control pills?

The birth control pills should not be used after the age of forty. Most of the gynaecologist will not advice the same after 35 years of age.

Does singular reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills?

No Singulair (montelukast) has no effect on birth control pill. It can be taken at the same moment (or in the same day) regularly.

Do cephalosporins affect the birth control pill?

Birth control pills may not work properly when taken at the same time as cephalosporins. To prevent pregnancy, other methods of birth control should be used in addition to the pills while taking cephalosporins.

Can you take birth control pills and use conceptrol gel at the same time?

Yes, you can.

Can birth control pills cause fatigue?

I've been experiencing the same thing.

What are some health benefits of birth control pills?

Birth control pills will stop the PMS if you have it and regulate your monthly cycle. This will improve you life if you have these problems like I did. Since the pill came out in the 1960's there has been debate on the effects of the pill, so there is no true answer here. I now hear the same things about hormone replacement. Talk to your doctor, look at all the facts, and do what you think is good for you.

I been on BC for two months on my second month i took all pills until i got to the sugar pills i took two of them sugar pills and didn't finish the last 3 pills sugar pills on the second suga?

You do not have to take the sugar/placebo pills if you feel comfortable doing so, and if you will not forget to start your birth control on the correct day, and if you will not forget what time you are supposed to take your birth control. It doesn't make a difference on how many sugar/placebo pills you take because they do not contain any active hormone ingredients. You are still protected from pregnancy during your placebo week if you take your birth control every day at the same time, and if you have been on birth control for at least 2 months. To be on the safe side wait 3 months, that is personally how long I waited.

Is orcella the same as yasmin birth control?

Yes. I am on this birth control as well, and i asked the pharmacist personally, and yes it is a combination hormone pill, and works in the say ways.

Do birth control pills work during the first trimester?

What do you mean by 'work'? When you are pregnant, you can't get pregnant again at the same time, therefore there is no need for birth control