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NO. You need to use a bow to get the most meat out of it.

NO. You need to use a bow to get the most meat out of it.

YES. there are 500,000 deer hunters who would choose a shotgun over a bow

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Q: Are Shotguns Good for hunting deer?
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Is deer trapping good?

no but if its deer hunting season then yes

Can you kill a deer using buck shot?

As the name "buck" shot implies, it is intended for use on large animals, such as deer. In much of the Southern US, only shotguns are used for deer hunting, and are loaded with buckshot.

Is a 303 rifle good for deer hunting?


When does deer hunting season start in NC?

when does deer hunting start inNC when does deer hunting start inNC when does deer hunting start inNC when does deer hunting start inNC

Does shot guns have grooved barrels?

yes some of them come with grooved barrels,these are used for firing shotgun slugs for deer hunting and other sized medium game.other shotguns can have a barrel that was bought extra and can be swapped back and forth for either small game and deer hunting.

Which shotguns are most suitable for hunting?

A 10, 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge shotgun is more often considered suitable and widely used for hunting. Another consideration would be what one is hunting such as birds, deer, fox, or squirrels. It is considered a personal preference in hunting.

Where is the best deer hunting in the US?

It depends on the type of deer hunting that you like. I live in north east North Carolina and the deer hunting is really good. There are a lot of deer and the land is flat so you don't have to kill yourself to get to the deer. I have lived and hunted in Kodiak, Alaska where you could not harvest as many deer but the hunting was spectacular. I loved the mountains. Everyone will tell you that their place to hunt is the best. It is entirely up to the individual. I would like to go to Texas to hunt white tails and to the west to hunt mule deer. Every state has some really good deer hunting.

Where do you shoot the deer with a 12 gauge?

In my opinion, a lung shot will be the most reliable, whether you are hunting with buckshot or slugs. While this link is to a bow hunting site, it has a good illustration of the location of a deer's heart and lungs. Good hunting-http:/bowsitezperiodzcom/bowsite/features/articles/deer/heartorlungs