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No. Remington shotguns are made in the USA.

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Q: Are Remington shotguns made in Russia?
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Is there a connection between a Remington and a Charles Daly auto loader that looks a lot like a Remington?

No. Remington has never made product for Charles Daly. The Remington 'Spartan' line of shotguns is made in Russia, where Charles Daly shotguns are made in Spain, Italy and Turkey.

Who Made the Marshall Arms Shotguns?


How many shotguns has Remington made?


When were the Remington model 10 and 10a pump shotguns made?

Try this link from Remington.

Who all made 16 gauge automatic shotguns?

Browning, Remington

Where is the Remington model 870 wingmaster made?

All Remington model 870 shotguns were made in the Unites states.The Remington plant was located in Ilion,New York.

Remington 12 gauge shot gun?

Remington has made many thousands of 12 gauge shotguns in dozens of different models/configurations.

Where can you buy Remington shotguns?

There are many websites and companies that offer Remington shotguns for sale. Some of these websites and companies are Amazon, Walmart and official Remington website.

What is the difference between 1187 Remington and the Baikal auto shotgun made by Remington?

Baikal isn't made buy Remington; it just has the name stamped on the side. It is made by baikal of russia

Did Remington Armory make rifles for Russia?

yes, during WWI, Remington made thousands of Moisin Nagant rifles for Marist Russia. Few were delivered before Russia collapsed in revolution.

In what year did Remington first offer screw in chokes?

The first year that the Rem Choke or screw in choke on Remington shotguns was 1986. It made the already famous Remington 870 even more popular.

Are 16 gauge shotguns still made?

One might recognize the two names Browning and Remington. They still make 16 gauge shotguns, as do a few other manufacturers.