Are Oliver and lily dating

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Are Oliver and lily dating
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Who is dating lily from Hannah Montana?

Oliver, Miley's other best friend.

What did lily and oliver do on Hannah Montana you missed it?

they kissed once but the second time miley stopped them! i have been waiting 4 ever and now finally it happend! if you have ever read any magazine or looked on the internet when lily and oliver are dating there nickname is 'loliver'!

What is Amelia Lilly's surname?

her surname is LilyI think her surname is Oliver, not Lily. Lily is part of her forename or else its her middle name. Her name is Amelia Lily Oliver.

What is Oliver's big secret in Hannah Montana?

oliver loves lily

How tall is Amelia lily oliver?


Where did character miley ray Stuart meet her best friends lilly and oliver?

She met Lily on the beach when she moved from Tennessee to Malibu and Oliver was introduced by Lily

Who is Oliver James dating today?

he is dating bailie

Where did Miley Cyrus meet lily and oliver?


Who is Oliver's girlfriend in Hannah Montana?

Lily Truscot.

Who is oliver James dating right now?

Who the actor Oliver James is dating is his own business, not to be pried upon.

Does oliver like miley on Hannah Montana?

No, he loves Lily.

In Hannah Montana how is lily related to oliver?

they are best friends