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Some English teachers are gay but most are not. Just like all teachers. Just like all people.

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Q: Are English teachers gay
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Can gay people be teachers?

Yes. Some of the finest teachers in the world are gay.

Are gay people good teachers?

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with teaching ability. Some gay teachers are good, and some aren't.

Significant of homosexuals to the teachers?

There is no significance or correlation between gay people and teachers.

Can first grade teachers be gay?

Yes. There are gay people in all professions.

What is 'gay boy' when translated from English to French?

"Gay boy" in English is homme gay in French.

Are teachers usually gay?

Sexual orientation has no correlation with someone's profession, including teaching. People of all sexual orientations can be teachers. It's important to avoid generalizations or assumptions about individuals based on their profession.

What is an English term for a gay man?

"gay man" is the best English term there is.

What is English ng agurong?

"English ng agurong" translates to "English for teachers" in Filipino. This refers to English language instruction or resources specifically designed for teachers.

What has the author Arthur Winn Vaughan written?

Arthur Winn Vaughan has written: 'State teachers college curricula for the development of teachers of English' -- subject(s): English language, English literature, Study and teaching, Teachers, Teachers colleges, Training of

When was Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages created?

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages was created in 1966.

When was Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association created?

Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association was created in 1943.

Where are the listings for retired English teachers?

The listings for retired English teachers are " /". You can find job listings in English jobs at (