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In general, BB guns are smoothbore, and the barrel is larger than the steel BB. Pellets guns are rifled, and fire a lead pellet that is a squeeze fit to the bore. This is MUCH more accurate than a BB. GOOD pellet guns are more accurate than firearms, within their usable range. I have one pellet rifle that will put pellet after pellet into the same hole in the target at 10 meters.

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Q: Are BBs or Pellets more accurate?
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Which penatrates best bbs or pellets using a pumpmaster 760?

Pointed Pellets will have more penetration.

Does the marksman C11 tactical take pellets and bbs?

No sorry It only takes bbs.

Is a daisy grizzly better than a pumpmaster 760?

No the Pumpmaster has more power and can shoot BBs or Pellets

Can you use pellets in a crosman c11?

No it is designed for BBs only.

Can the Remington vantage 1200 use .177 calleber BBs?

No only pellets!

What is a pellet used for on a bebe gun?

Not all BB guns are designed to use pellets. They are only designed to use BBs. Some models however are designed to use both BB's and Pellets. Pellets are harder hitting and will do more damage.

Do you have to have pelets or bbs to kill a bird?

Pellets are recommended. BBs don't kill unless you hit like the eye or head, which is highly unlikely.

Does the colt polymer python 357 air pistol shoot pellets?

The Colt 357 is NOT designed to shoot pellets only BB's.

What type of pellets does a BB gun with 223 FPS need?

.12 gram bbs.

Do you use bbs or pellets with a airsoft gun?

pellet=no bb's= 6mm plastic not copper.

What are bb gun bullets made of?

bbs are made out of steel and pellets are made out of lead