Anybody know any good your momma jokes?

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2010-12-20 18:48:41

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you say: Your sister. they say: Your brother. you say: Your bald headed mother

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2010-12-20 18:48:41
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Q: Anybody know any good your momma jokes?
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you know what? i dont even know if a unicellular prokaryote cell is whatever!! but i just wanted to write a few yo mama jokes.1. yo momma head so small, when she got her ear pierced, she died!2. yo momma so fat, nation wide cant be on her side.3. yo momma so fat, when she stepped on the scale, it said her cellphone #.4. yo momma so nasty that when we asked what was for dinner, she spread open her legs and said TUNA SUPRISE!!good jokes huh? yeah, ikr!

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