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Contact customer service thru the website at Savage firearms. Stevens is owned by Savage.

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Q: Any place that you can fine a diagram of the trigger group for a Stevens model 124 shot gun?
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Can you obtain a diagram for a J Stevens model 335?

I would check with Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They may have a exploded view of the stevens model 335.

Model SD14A 410 Western Field?

This is a stevens model 39A. The stevens 59A, B and C all had the takedown screw in front of the trigger guard.

Diagram for Stevens model 67?

What is the value of a Stevens favorite model 1915 with P8 behind the trigger?

15,000 - 20,000 U.S DOLLARS

Where can you buy a trigger guard for a springfield model 56 22lr?

Try gunbroker. Pull up Stevens 56.

On a model 5100 j Stevens 12ga what are the numbers on the trigger and does the value go up with a single trigger?

I don't know what the numbers on the trigger are unless they are a part number, but you can add about 25% to the asking price for a single selective trigger.

Where can you find a diagram and parts for a Stevens model 345 shotgun?

I am not sure about the diagram,but I would check at numrich gun parts corp. first for the parts you need.

Where can you find a diagram and parts for a Stevens model 95 break action shotgun at?

Contact Customer Service for Savage Firearms. They have owned the Stevens name since the 1920's.

How do you reassemble the trigger mechanism on a bsa meteor spring loaded air rifle?

it depends on the model. See the link below and select you model to see the diagram.

where can you find a trigger guard for a Stevens model 94 m?

Gun shops,garage sales,gun shows,E-bay etc.

Stevens model 520?

It is one type of gun.It has 2 step squared off reciver with " J stevens arm copany" stamped on the left side and the safety located inside the trigger guard.

Where is the serial number on Stevens 77d?

Stevens 12 ga, Model 77D, made before 1968 may not have a serial number. However, some do! If it has a serial number, it will be behind the trigger on the receiver side.