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no, no u are not

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Q: Am i going to head girl?
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What do a school head girl and boy do?

they help run the school and organize things like school trips. They have a vote on who its going to be and then they get started as head boy and girl straight away. Head boy and head girl can only be the in the oldest year at school.

What it be okay for me a girl to shave my head even though I have scabs on my head?

No, perhaps not unless you are going to wear a wig.

Girl singers for Sergio Mendes on going out of your head?

Lani Hall & Janis Hansen.

Are a 12-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl going to be friends when the boy kisses the girl on the head?

Why yes!

Is a school prefect the same as a head girl?

A head girl would be the head prefect for the girls. There are prefects for each dormitory, but there is usually only one head girl and one head boy.

What should you write in your head girl letter for your school?

Why you want to be Head Girl.

Speech of head girl of primary school?

head girl speach i think i should be head girl because i wil be there when your hert and i will help you when your lonley

Is the baby going to be a girl or a boy?

its going to be a girl

I just said that I want to get to know you better to a girl What is probably going through her head right now?

if the girl likes you, she is really exited and she might be a bit shy. but if the girl has no interest she's gonna be, what a freak. dude that happens take it from a girl

When was Going Out of My Head created?

Going Out of My Head was created on 1997-04-21.

How do you begin a speech for election of a head girl?

To begin a speech for election of a head girl briefly explain why the head girl position was chosen and how it will be beneficial for those who will be impacted by the decision.

If vanessa going to have a baby girl what is she going to call it?

They r not going 2 have a girl they r going to have a boy