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Time. That is the only way. Unless you get put on a dialasys machine. Your liver has to process the alcohol an it takes time.

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Q: Alcohol can be eliminated from the blood stream by?
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How does alcohol enter your blood stream?

You drink it

What is in alcohol that is harmful?

The alcohol because it gets into your blood stream and can flow to the brain.

Where does the alcohol that you drink go in your body?

Alcohol is absorbed through the blood stream

Where does alcohol enterblood stream?

The alcohol firsts enters your body through the mouth. It then travels down into your lungs and then enters into your blood stream.

When does Alcohol affect you?

when it gets into your blood stream, which it does quite rapidly.

How much of the alcohol drunk reaches the blood stream?


Alcohol gets to the brain through?

The blood-brain barrier, via the blood stream.

Is there anything to reduce alcohol in the blood stream?

Alcohol is metabolised by the body, so time is required.

Where does alcohol go when it enters the blood stream?

It circulates throughout the body.

What is the only way to reduce the alcohol content in your blood stream?

Well, there are two ways---1. Have somebody remove all the blood in your blood stream.2. Wait.

Mouthwash and DWI?

Not a good defense. Blood alcohol content is what alcohol is in your blood stream, not what's in your mouth. Even if the breathalyser is confused by the mouthwash, they can just do a blood test.

What happens when you use alcohol?

it turns to sugar instantly when it goes into your blood stream