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It's probably just that your body is getting back to normal after being pregnant, however after a pregnancy (even if the pregnancy didn't last) the chances of getting pregnant quickly afterwards are high, so if you have had sex since the miscarriage it is possible that you could be pregnant

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Q: After a miscarriage you miss your period what does that mean?
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Bleeding after missed period?

Bleeding after a missed period could mean a miscarriage

If you did not get your period for two months and then started a heavy period does that mean you had a miscarriage?

this is possible

Missed period - are you pregnant?

A missed period is not always indicative of pregnancy. There are several reasons a period can be missed; however 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage (spontaneous abortion). Some females miss a period for weeks and then have what they think is a very heavy period when in fact it is a miscarriage.

Why are you bleeding?

some people have a light period rather and miss the first one altogther or u could be having a miscarriage

Is that miscarriage blood after a miscarriage or your period?

The bleeding you experience during a miscarriage is notyour period. It is bleeding due to losing the baby.

Are you having a miscarriage if you experience a period with no blood?

Some women while pregnant have cramps around the time their period would come at 8 and 12 weeks. This does not mean you are having a miscarriage.

Can you get your period after a miscarriage?


What happens if you get your period the next day you miscarriage?

Normal bleed after a miscarriage is 1-2 weeks so it's not your period. You get your period back sometimes within 8 weeks from the miscarriage.

What does it mean if you have had a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is the loss of an unborn child or young at a point during the pregnancy period. When this happens the young being carried leaves the mothers body.

If you miss your period for more then five days what does that mean?

It could mean nothing.

Can you have a miscarriage and not know?

Sure. An early miscarriage can be mistaken for a bad period.

What does it mean if you missed your menstrual period but had your next one?

It is possible to miss a menstrual period due to stress, lack of nutrition (either from an eating disorder or from excessive physical activity, such as sports), or a number of other causes. It is also possible that you were pregnant and then suffered a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage.

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