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Menopause starts somewhere between 45-55 years old in most people, this is the start of the winding down of the reproductive cycle so menstrual cycles become irregular. When menstrual cycles stop all together can vary greatly from person to person after menopause.

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2015-03-06 19:08:15
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Q: About what age does your menstrual cycle stop?
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What age does your menstrual cycle stop?

after 40s beready for anything can happen.

What age does an Asian woman stop menstrual cycle?

10 to 16 years old

Does your menstrual cycle stop when you go into a pool of water?

No, swimming or water immersion will not stop your menstrual cycle.

Can vinegar stop menstrual cycle?

No, vinegar cannot stop a menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is controlled by hormonal changes between the reproductive organs and the brain, they cannot be effected by vinegar.

Does your menstrual cycle stop when you go to the beach?

No, your menstrual cycle doesn't stop when you go to the beach - your uterus doesn't take a holiday.Menstrual cycle is your reproductive cycle, if you're a healthy fertile woman then your menstrual cycle continues all the time and it won't stop just because you go to the beach, there's nothing about going to the beach that could stop your menstrual cycle.

If you have already started a menstrual cycle how can you stop it?

You can not stop a menstrual cycle without removing your ovaries. Some birth control pills allow you to skip periods, but this does not stop the cycle.

How can you get your menstrual cycle to stop completely?

You can't.

Does cancer stop menstrual cycle?

No but it does affect it!

Can menstrual cycle stop after cortisone injection?

A cortisone injection is typically administered to treat inflamed joints and tendons. Yes, the menstrual cycle can stop after a cortisone injection.

Does aspirin stop your menstual period?

No, aspirin is a blood thinner and won't effect a menstrual cycle. Only hormone pills such as birth control can stop a menstrual cycle.

How can you stop your menstrual cycle from starting?

To stop your menstrual cycle from starting, you can consider getting on birth control. It would also be a wise idea to maybe consider an IUD.

Do you have a menstrual cycle with a IUD?

Whether you still have a menstrual cycle or not depends on the type of IUD you have. A hormonal IUD will stop your menstrual cycle (although you may still bleed), whereas a copper IUD has no impact on your menstrual cycle at all as there are no hormones involved.

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