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Harriet Beecher Stowe was an abolitionist such as seen in her novel 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'

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Abolitionists were often inspired by narratives written by escaped slaves, known as slave narratives. These first-hand accounts provided insight into the brutality of slavery and helped to build public support for the abolitionist movement.

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Q: Abolitionists were inspired by what type of writing from escaped slaves?
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What punishments did abolitionists get if caught with slaves?

Abolitionists who were caught with slaves could face fines, imprisonment, or even violence from pro-slavery groups or individuals. In some cases, they risked their lives to assist escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad.

What actions of the abolitionists greatly disturbed southern slave owners?

The Abolitionists helped slaves to escaped to Canada where slavery was illegal, this action make the southern felt they were robbing their property.

What are some slaves that have escaped?

Nightjohn did but he came back to teach reading and writing.

Who help the black slaves escaped by the undergruond railraod?

Abolitionists, who were people who knew that holding another person as a slave was evil and wrong, and were willing to risk their lives to help runaway slaves.

Who are the people who helped the slaves escape?

.the abolitionists

Who was happy about Fugitive Slave Law and who was not?

Slave holders were in favor of the Fugitive Slave Law as it required that slaves that escaped to the North would have to be returned to their owners. In the North the anti slavery abolitionists were against the law. They were anti slavery to begin with and wanted slaves who escaped to the North to be considered freed slaves.

What are 3 ways abolitionists worked to free slaves?

Abolitionists worked to free slaves by participating in the Underground Railroad, which helped slaves escape to freedom. They also engaged in political activism, lobbying for the abolition of slavery through legislative means. Additionally, abolitionists spread awareness and information about the cruelty of slavery through literature, speeches, and social movements.

Name the network of safe houses to help escaped slaves?

The Underground Railroad was a network of safe houses and routes used by abolitionists in the 19th century to help escaped slaves flee to free states and Canada.

Who helped escaped slaves?

People who knew that it was evil and wrong to hold other people in slavery, often called Abolitionists, because they wanted to abolish slavery.

What are the blacks called who lead slaves out of slavery?

The blacks and other people who led slaves out of slavery were known as abolitionists. Harriet Tubman, is the best known of the escaped slaves who returned to the south to help other slaves escape. She was a primary conductor of the Underground Railroad.

How did Abolitionists fix the tracks on the Underground Railroad?

The Underground Railroad wasn't a literal railroad, so there were no tracks. It was a metaphor for the routes that escaped slaves took on their journey North.

When abolitionists refused to obey the stricter laws concerning runaway slaves?

Abolitionists who refused to obey stricter laws concerning runaway slaves risked arrest and punishment for aiding escaped slaves. Their actions were seen as a form of civil disobedience aimed at challenging the institution of slavery and calling attention to its injustices. Many abolitionists believed that their moral duty to help those seeking freedom outweighed the consequences of breaking the law.