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If you are referring to the drinking glass also known as a brandy snifter, this is a short-stemmed glass (a wine glass is long-stemmed) with a wide bowl but narrow top, kind of like a teardrop with the point cut off. This shape temporarily traps the aromas in the glass, allowing the drinker to sniff the brandy, cognac, or Kool-Aid. Hence, the name "snifter."

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Q: A snifter is a short-stemmed glass with a wide bottom and a narrow top that is most often used to serve?
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What type of brandy do you drink in a snifter?

A Brandy Snifter is a type of a short-stemmed glass with a wide bottom and a relatively narrow top.

What do you call a tall beer glass?

It is known as a snifter (or a brandy snifter, cognac glass, or balloon). It is designed to be cupped and warmed by the hand, while the narrow top traps the aroma. The bulbous bottom allows the brandy to be gentle swilled to increase the aroma.

What is unique about the shape of a Brandy Snifter wine glass?

There are many different features of a Brandy Snifter wine glass. One unique feature of the wine glass is the tulip shape of the glass, designed to show off the bubbles.

What is the a tulip shaped sherry glass called?

copita A short snifter in the US.

What is a tulip shaped sherry glass called?

copita A short snifter in the US.

What is the tulip shaped sherry glass called?

copita A short snifter in the US.

How should brandy be drunk?

Brandy is typically served in a brandy snifter, which is a type of stemware. It is short-stemmed glass with a wide bottom and a slightly narrowed top. The person grasps the snifter so the flat base rests on the palm, with fingers around the wider portion. You will often see people using brandy snifters in movies depicting rich people.

What are the two basic shapes for cognac glasses?

Because cognac is brandy the more common of the two is a brandy snifter. This is a squat glass with no stem to speak of with a reasonable base attach to a bowl that is very wide and flat at the bottom, rising and narrowing a little at the mouth. The other is a tulip glass. It imitates the snifter somewhat but has a stem, is considerably narrower at the bowl, but still rises upward and inward in a very angular way

How much is a finger of brandy?

put your finger horizontally across the bottom of the snifter and pour until it gets to the top of your finger. it's a colloquial term and not necessarily an accurate measurement. Treat yourself generously and pour liberally. Turn the snifter sideways and pour brandy in until its just at the lip of the glass. you should then be able to roll the glass on the table without any liquor spilling out. that's a healthy serving

What is the word for drinking goblet?

Many people use the word " goblet " itself, but we also have chalice, snifter, Champagne flute, cocktail glass, Sherry glass, Tulip glass, Brandy glass.

How do you make a listening device?

The cheapest to listen through walls is a long glass cup with a narrow bottom and wide top.

What is brandy neat?

Brandy neat is brandy served in a glass (usually a snifter), without ice or any other additives.