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Yes. It sounds as though there is a strong possibility of pregnancy. I would speculate that the last oregnancy test was faulty/inaccuurate but suggest you go and see a doctor to confirm a result either way.

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Q: A pregnancy test came out faded and the second one positive and the third one negative is there a chance of pregnancy?
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Negative pregnancy test but urinated on it again and it went positive?

This happened to me when I got pregnant with my third child. The first test was negative and the second positive. From what I understand, a pregnancy test can give a false negative but rarely gives a false positive.

When I took first pregnancy test its become negative but I took second pregnancy test its become positive now what can I do?

Try one more time. If it is again positive, then you probably are pregnant.

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Does dettol work as pregnancy test?

No, Dettol does not work as a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests detect the presence of the hormone hCG in urine, while Dettol is an antiseptic liquid that is not designed for use in pregnancy testing. It is important to use a specific pregnancy test kit for accurate results.

Did one pregnancy test was positive and then second came out negative?

Wait a few days and take another test. If you still aren't sure, go see a doctor. But odds are, if you got one positive, you're pregnant. It's very unlikely to get a positive and not be pregnant. It's more common to get a negative and be pregnant.

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If a man has RH positive Blood type and the woman has RH negative blood type will the mom to be have to take shots so she does not miscarry?

No. The RhoGAM (Human Immunoglobulin D) shots are for the Rh negative (Rh-) mother. If it is a first pregnancy, there is usually not an issue. For any terminated pregnancy, by abortion or by miscarriage, then there is usually a RhoGAM shot given in effort to prevent the mother from forming antibodies against any Rh positive child. At the beginning of each pregnancy, the mother's blood "titer" is check -- this will indicate if she HAS formed any antibodies against the Rh positive blood type.

Can a rhesus negative mother with antibodies in her bloodstream go on to have a normal healthy baby?

Erythroblastosis Fetalis is a disease that affects mothers with a positive RH factor when their unborn babies have a negative RH factor. It only has negative side-effects during the second pregnancy.

Why would a home pregnancy test show up negative and a day later show up positive?

On the box it will tell you at how many days it will detect pregnancy. You were probably right at the line on the first day, and the second your body had produced enough of the hormones to show up positive on a titer test.

Is second pregnancy test recommended after the negative one?

Yes. Sometimes pregnancy tests are not 100% correct. Even if the second test comes out negative I would recommend that you go see your doctor. They can just give you a pregnancy test there and then you will know for sure. :)