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l'd say... NO.

First of all, he asked you out, and then decided that maybe it wasn't what he wanted to do in one day. Then, he lied about it. Lying is not a good sign.

And, to top it all off, you went out again and he proceeded to dump you in 3 days. Yeah. Dating him again would probably result in the exact same thing.

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Q: A guy asked you out then dupmped you later that day and lied about it but you went out with him again ad he dumped you after 3 days should you ask him out again?
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What should i do ive been asked out then dumped?

go cry

What should i do now that a boy i asked out and then i dumped him wont talk to me?

you should pull him away so u can talk to him and tell him how makes you feal and if yall dont talk again then pray to god that the next day yall will talk also tell him want to be friends

What should you do if a boy asked you out when you dumped him yesterday because of his friends?

Say no thanks you're messing me about too much. It's pointless.

If a guy asked you out before he had a girlfriend and he asked you out again and he dumped his girlfriend does he like you?

He likes you at least well enough to ask you out. Beyond that is unclear; he may have been planning to dump his girlfriend anyway and just wanted to have someone "warmed up", so to speak.

Should you be mad if your boyfriend dumped you for your friend?

depends , if your friend said yes to go out with your exboyfriend then i think so. But if she asked you if it was ok, and you said it was okay then you shouldn't be mad.

If you love someone who has asked you out but you just dumped your boyfriend how long should you wait?

You shouldn't really have to wait at all but give it at least 2 weeks to avoid gossip

If a boy asked a girl what if you meet someone else would you get into a relationshipwith them or stay with me what should the girl say?

=I say stay with the girl unless things get bad.I have a lot of dating experience my girlfriend dumped me like 50 time but we went back out again and again even though i think she hardly likes me but I don't care she is hot so what=

What do you do if your dating a boy that you like and he dumps you and the next day asks you out but his friend already asked you out and you were going to go out with his friend?

If the boyfriend dumped you once, he'll dump you again. Go out with the friend. Do what your heart tells you.

Your girlfriend just dumped you but invited you to a party but you and her never talk to each other and she said it was her fault it didnt work out between us does she like you again?

it is doubtful she likes you again. you are familiar to her and that is why she asked you to go to the party. do not play the sucker - there are too many other better chicks out there

How do you find questions that you have asked?

Try typing them in again and you should see your question pop up.

Is it right to dump a girl because people teased you?

How would you feel if someone dumped you not because they didn't like you but because someone else said they should? hi i am the person who asked i am a girl and my boyfriend dumped me and that's why! tell me wut u think NO! not if he really likes her! im soo sorry! if he dumped u just cuz people teased him hes not worth your time!

Why did men broke women heart?

they find another piece of girl to love on and think its OK and then want you back and you should try to trust them my guy he dumped me for another girl then she dumped him for a guy then he still liked me and i asked him out and i trust him he loves me i love him and we hug kiss talk walk hold hands