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the drug made from poppy juice is opium you can run the plant through a juicer and let it evaperate and then you have a smokeable shootable drinkable tar.....

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Opium heroin

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Q: A dangerous depressant drug made from opium poppy?
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What drug is derived from the poppy plant and is a central nervous system depressant?


Where does the drug morphine originate from?

Papaver somniferum (opium poppy, or simply opium)

What drug is derived from opium or Coke?

crack is from coke and heroin is from opium or poppy seeds

Why isn't opium poppies grown in the US legally?

Because the poppy seeds can be crush and made into the drug opium.

What does opium stands for?

Opium doesn't stand for anything. The name of the drug comes from the flower that it's harvested from, the Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum)

What is opiam?

Assuming you meant 'opium' - it's a drug obtained from poppy seeds.

Is tar a drug?

If you are referring to the derivitive of the opium poppy called "tar," it certainly is.

What plant or flower makes opiates?

The botanical name for opium poppy is Papaver somniferum.The poppy is used for medicinal purposes, such as the production of morphine and codeine. Unfortunately is is also used to produce illegal drugs such as heroin.

Is tar a illegal drug?

If you are referring to the derivitive of the opium poppy called "tar," it certainly is.

What drug is made from poppy seeds?

opium Using poppy seeds in foods such as bagels, etc are now not counted by your doctor as opiate use due to the level of result from a urine/lab test (from a gas chromatograph). Unfortunately, large use such as the "poppy seed, pineapple juice with bromalain formula" will test as morphine use. This will elininate you from any opiod regime your doctor is treating you with!

What class of drug does heroin come from?

Heroin originates from the opium poppy plant. A poppy plant pod contains a white syrup which when dried forms what is known as opium. It is from opium that among other drugs heroin is derived.

Is the poppy a drug?

The poppy plant itself is not a drug, but the type of drugs known as "opiates" (opium, heroin, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone aka Vicodin) are made from certain types of poppy plants. See the Related Link below.