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The reason you are getting a negative test is because you are only 9dpo (days past ovulation). Implantation occurs 5-8 days after conception, and the pregnancy hormone detected by tests does not build up enough for 6-9 days after that. Testing is most recommended at 12-14dpo. SOME women test earlier and get a positive, but every woman is different and most women actually dont get the positive until after their missed period. If you are 9dpo, then iimplantation just recently happened if you conceived. Wait 4-6 more days and try again. Good luck!

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Q: 9 dpo and have sore breast blue veins bumps around nipples Tugging or a vibrating feeling behind bellybutton 7dpo was this implantation But getting a neg preg test?
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You have had a tugging feeling from your belly button?

The only time I have had this tugging feeling from my belly button is during my if this is from a female its possible u may be expecting if this is from a male I have NO clue...sorry

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Feeling a tugging sensation under your rib cage can be a sign of Lyme disease. It could also be something minor like a muscle spasm.

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Can a tight feeling abdominal and pelvic area be a sign of implantation?


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Vibrating colon is the result of a urinary track infection. Go see a urologist and get antibiotics.

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You are around 9weeks pregnant and you have a tugging feeling in your stomach?

I had that feeling my entire pregnancy and my OB told me that it was my uterus stretching ,some women feel it some don't . But that was in my case always ask your on OB , just to be safe !! Congrads!!!!

How soon do you feel implantation cramps before period is due?

I started feeling them two days before my expected period day.

Can you tell if you pregnant 6 dpo?

It's very unlikely, but some women have reported feeling pregnant that early. Symptoms begin after implantation has occured, and implantation have take 6-10 days past ovulation, and sometimes longer.

Can you get implantation bleeding four days after sex also when i wipe after peeing i get this burning feeling is that anything to do with implantation bleeding i was five days late am i still late or?

No this is too early for implantation bleeding. It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection. This will cause vaginal bleeding in severe cases. Please see your doctor.