29 inch waist what is UK dress size?

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8 :)

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Q: 29 inch waist what is UK dress size?
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What size is a 29 inch waist?

I am a 28 inch waist and my size in womens is 4 or 5

What size is a women with a 30 inch waist?

I have a 29 inch waist and I wear a size 6 -9 depends on the maker

What is the size salman Khan waist?

29 inch

What is Miley Cyrus's waist size?

it's like 29 inch waist and she's like a size 2 or 3

What pants size is woman 29 inch waist?

I wear a size 29 inch pants and I wear size 7-9 US. It depends on the brand.

What size waist is a women in size 8 panties?

size 7 is about a a 29 inch waist so an 8 would be about a 30 31...I work retail...

What size is a 7-8 in waist size in womens?

Are you asking what size waist does a women have if she wears a 7 or 8 size? Because I don't think anyone has a 7-8 inch waist. A women who wears a 7 would probably have a waist size of app. 29-31 inches

Is a 29 inch waist big?

not at all. its really quite small. i have a 27inch waist and am concidered petite.

What size is a 9-10 waist size in womens?


If you wear a size 5 in jeans What is your waist size?

I wear a size 3-5 and my waist size is usually a 27-29 inch. it also depends on the style of the pants though - if they are high waisted you may be able to wear something smaller than if they are low-rise.

What are the measurements for a size 5 women's dress?

The standard women's dress size 5 requires the measurements: bust 74cm (=29 inches), waist 56cm (=22 inches) and hips 82cm (=32 inches). This almost the perfect "hour-glass" type figure with a waist to hip ratio of 0.7.

Miley Cyrus waist size at age 17?


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