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Yes! Some women don't produce enough HCG hormone in early pregnancy for the HPT to detect. If you are 21 DPO and your BBT is still hight, I would suggest going to the doctor for a blood pregnancy test.

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Q: 21 dpo and BFN could you still be pregnant?
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I am 11 days past dpo am I pregnant?


DPO 5 temperature went below the coverline and at dpo 7 started spotting does it mean i am pregnant or is af coming?

If your BBT goes back up then the dip in temperature could indicate implanation, and you cuold be pregnant. It is also possible that you have a luteal phase defect and AF is coming.

You are 10 DPO and your hcg level is 44 what does this mean?

I would say you are pregnant!!

If you are 30 DPO How many weeks pregnant are you?

About 6 weeks and 2 days.

Does it mean that you are pregnant if you have pinching pains in your vagina 8 DPO?

Not a normal sign of pregnancy.

Your BBT dropped at 14 dpo and you are now at 15 dpo Took HPT and it was negative and still no period Could you still be pregnant?

I would say it's highly unlikely. Typically a drop in temperature means that your progesterone level is falling off and the cycle is coming to an end. Combined with a negatve test 14 days after ovulation, I would say there is a very strong possibility that the next cycle will be starting in the next day or two.

Im 5 dpo and noticed a little blood on my used toliet paper also light cramps and bloating could I be pregnant?

Yes, it is possible that you experienced implantation bleeding and cramping.

What is the fullform of dpo?

What is the full form of dpo

When are you 1 DPO?

The first day you see a spike/increase in your BBT could be the first DPO. But it needs to remain high for a few days to confirm that ovulation has occured.

Is a level of 56 hcg for 16 dpo normal?

That number is well within normal limits. The numbers can vary quite a lot and still be normal. Please see the chart below: 10 DPO: 10 - 50 mIU/ml HcG 13 DPO: 20 - 100 mIU/ml HcG 16 DPO: 40 - 200 mIU/ml HcG 19 DPO: 80 - 400 mIU/ml HcG 22 DPO: 160 - 800 mIU/ml HcG Since you were 56 at 16 DPO, you are within the normal limits. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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Dow 30 Premium (DPO)had its IPO in 2007.

What to dpo with a bra?

Wear it?