.30 caliber vs 9mm

Updated: 9/28/2023
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.30 vs .355

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Q: .30 caliber vs 9mm
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What is the difference between .30 caliber vs 9mm?

.30 vs. .355

What is the difference between a 9mm and 40 caliber bullet?

The .40 is a larger diameter round. The projectile has a dimension of .4005, versus the 9mm Parabellum, which has a dimension of .356. Of the two, the .40 is the more powerful cartridge.

Diameter vs Caliber?

It's the same. The caliber of a bullet is its diameter.

The 380 vs the 9mm?

less power vs more power all else being equal.

What is the deference between a 9MM and 40 cal?

.355 vs .40

What are the pros and cons of a 45 vs 9mm?

Of course a 45 is more powerful, but the 9mm has the advantage of speed and a larger chamber. If you only get one shot, pick 44. Multipule. Then pick 9mm

Can you shoot 22.250 thur a 243?

No. This is a .22 caliber vs .243 caliber (.243 being a 6mm).

What is the Muzzle velocity of a 9mm vs 380ACP?

9mm (usually called 9mm Luger or 9mm Parabellum) almost always has a higher muzzle velocity than the 380 ACP (also called the 9mm short, 9mm Kurtz, and 9mm Corto). The two bullets are essentially the same diameter however the 9mm Parabellum is almost always a heavier bullet than the 380 ACP with a larger powder charge and a significantly higher chamber pressure.

What is the Diameter in mm vs Caliber?

The question can't be answered since you didn't supply a caliber or mm measurement.

221 CALIBER VS 556?

5.56 hands down.

Is 35 caliber ammo the same as 3030 ammo?

I assume you mean .35 Remington rifle ammunition vs. standard 30-30 rifle ammo. If so then they are not the same and although they look similar they are not interchangable. I hope this answers your question.

What is the difference between a mm and a caliber bullet?

metric vs inch measurement