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Watch them run, watch them fall,

Watch them try to catch a ball, Olympics

At the special Olympics.

Watch them laugh, watch them drool,

Watch them fall into the pool, that's diving.

At the special Olympics.

And I know full well, that I will burn in hell,

But those guys playing wheelchair Basketball gotta be about the funniest freakin' thing I've ever seen in my life,

At the special Olympics.

Verse Two (yes, he really says this.)

Kid with downs wins the race, even though he stood in place, Olympics.

At the special...(laughter)Olympics.

'Round his neck, gold medals hung.

Resting on his giant tongue, Olympics.

That's the special Olympics.

But I kid when I sing, cause these games are a beautiful thing.

Okay, really, I'm just avoiding karma, cause I know my children are going to be born crippled and blind and until I'm retired I'm going to spend all my time,

at the special Olympics.


Bravo. I feel so guilty right now! That's pretty, that's pretty, yeah, yeah you should!

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Q: What are the lyrics to the special Olympics song?
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